The Hertz Corporation Support Center for Mobility Innovations Hand Controls

Hertz Support Center

Training is required by all technicians installing Mobility Innovations hand controls. This MUST be completed BEFORE the devices are installed in a vehicle. Once the course is completed, please continue to the test questions to receive the certification of completion. This certificate is the final approval to install the Mobility Innovations hand controls.


Both the Training Video & Certification Test can be found in The Hertz Corporation LMS system.

Please feel free to save the document below to review the Hertz specific training at your convenience.
A Hertz specific ordering form is available for future needs of any miscellaneous parts or hand control units. This form can be downloaded and emailed to Brandy@mobilityinnovations.comĀ 
Vehicle specific installation manuals will be provided with every hand control order that ships to a Hertz location. Below you will have access to download the installation manuals at your convenience.


For any installation feedback, questions or concerns please contact Tyler Koepkey by phone: 574-242-1150 or email

Compact II Right Hand Control Installation Manuals

mConnect Push Right Angle Left Hand Control Installation Manuals

Mobility Innovations provides a user/operation manual for all Hertz customers that rent a vehicle with our hand controls.


Mobility Innovations requests that the Hertz representative provides the customer with a brief overview of the hand controls and must include a copy of the user/operation manual in the rental vehicle.


Below you will have access to download the user/operation manuals at your convenience.
In addition, Mobility Innovations provides separate sign-off sheets that should be completed after each installation of hand controls by the technician & when the Hertz representative facilitates the transfer of the hand control equipped vehicle.


Below you will have access to download the sign-off sheets at your convenience.
Please use the document below to review final fittings of both the Right & Left Hand Controls in the specific vehicles that Mobility Innovations has provided installation kits for.