Driving Aids

by Veigel

Freedom. It's an essential part of an active lifestyle. It means setting your own agenda, getting behind the wheel and going where you want to go - whether you're running errands across town or visiting family and friends across the country.

Mobility Innovations gives drivers that freedom with a range of driving aids and disabled driving solutions that help you overcome a host of different driving challenges.

Whether you suffer from a chronic health problem such as arthritis or have reduced mobility, we offer a wide range of driving adaptations to eliminate and/or alleviate any discomfort or pain whilst driving.

Why Veigel?

For almost 100 years Veigel have been designing award winning ergonomic, reliable, and easy to use driving aids from hand controls and steering aids to foot controls and pedal guards. We back each driving control with a full 3-year warranty for your peace of mind.

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