Smart Lifter: LM Range

The smallest of the Smart Lifter Range, the LM, is the ideal solution for lifting smaller mobility scooters and wheelchairs weighing up to 175lbs. And thanks to its unique foldable arm design, it can be fitted into the smallest of vehicles such as hatchbacks!

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Advantages of the LM Range

  • Lifting capacity of 88lbs or 175lbs
  • Unique folding arm allows stowage in the smallest of vehicles e.g. hatchbacks
  • Fitting Kits are designed to be specific to your vehicle, preserving as much cargo space and floor compartment, and spare tire access as possible
  • The Smart Lifter hoists are mounted inside your vehicle, so you can be sure that your mobility device is protected from the elements
  • Features motors for both up/down motion, as well as in/out, relieving you from all the effort of loading
  • Single strap or 2-point lifting options
  • The Smart Lifter hoist can conveniently be removed from the frame to free up additional cargo space when needed
  • Optional restraint available for added security- holds scooter in place in the case of an accident or hard stop
  • Easily transferrable to your next vehicle

Watch the LM in action!


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Upgraded control box and handset

  • Backlit – The handset keypad is backlit which makes it easier and safer to use in the dark
  • Soft touch – The new handset is designed in a soft touch material for increased comfort and ease of use
  • Service indicator – This new feature allows you to identify when a service is needed on your hoist
  • Soft start – This extra safety feature means that lifting the scooter or wheelchair from the ground is more gentle
  • Overload protection – This added safety feature ensures that the motor won’t burn out