Pedal Guards

Pedal guards are an important safety adaptation which is placed in front of the foot pedals to prevent them being pressed accidentally.

They are often used in conjunction with hand controls to ensure a safe driving experience and can be particularly helpful for drivers who suffer with involuntary leg movements who are at higher risk of accidental operation of the pedals.

Each pedal guard in our range is easily detachable to allow for conventional driving. Take a look at the different solutions we have available to suit your individual mobility needs.

Veigel Accelerator & Brake Guard

Our Veigel Pedal Guard is concave in shape and provides maximum legroom for the driver while preventing unintentional use of the pedals. The unique design features a quick release connection similar to a socket wrench – allows for removable in seconds without the need for tools. The Veigel Pedal Guard is attached behind the gas or brake pedal at existing mounting points of the car or directly on the vehicles floor.


MPD Accelerator Guard

The MPD Accelerator Guard is recommended by driver evaluations to be used with a hand control. This is for persons that have some control of their legs. Only protects the gas pedal leaving the brake pedal uncovered. Sturdy guard features a quick release mechanism – removable in seconds with out the need for tools.

MPD Adjustable Accelerator & Brake Guard

The MPD Accelerator/Brake Guard is recommended by driver evaluations to be used with a hand control.  Protects the driver from inadvertently resting their foot on accelerator or brake pedal – while keeping the driver from placing they foot under either pedal. Sturdy guard features a quick release mechanism that allows easy removal without tools, permitting ambulatory drivers full use of the pedal. Three position adjustment feature to maximize legroom during installation.