Extension Controls

We understand how difficult and uncomfortable it can be for people with reduced mobility or strength to operate certain controls within their vehicle. Our wide range of vehicle extension controls bring your main vehicle controls closer which allows for easier, safer, and more comfortable operation of the controls.

Whether you find it difficult to reach your indicators, struggle to grip and operate power window switches or are having trouble with several other vehicle controls, we’ve got a solution for you.

View our range of vehicle extension controls below. If you would like more information or advice, contact our expert team here.

The Jimmy

The JIMMY by Veigel is a seat buckle assist device designed to aid drivers with buckling and unbuckling the seat belt buckle in an automobile.  The JIMMY’s ergonomic design is light weight and easy to use.

Buckling: The ergonomic joystick grip gives you more control to easily engage the buckle.

Un-Buckling: Simply pull back on The Jimmy lever while pressing the release button to effortlessly disengage the buckle.

Safety: Pulling back on the lever alone will not disengage the buckle. The release button has been designed to prevent unintended disengagement of the buckle.


  • Light weight ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Safety release button prevents unintended disengagement of the buckle
  • Vehicle specific mounting brackets ensure a safe fit and no damage to your automobile safety belt buckle


  • Specific applications available to fit most vehicles


  • Installation is quick and easy – within minutes
  • Simply clamp the vehicle specific side brackets to the male side of the buckle
  • Installation is non-destructive
  • Can be removed without damage to the factory belt buckle

Power Window Switch Extensions

The Power Window Switch Extensions are made of a soft silicone material that has been tested in extreme heat and cold climates. The extensions are glued on (no drilling required) and offer a non-destructive solution for anyone who needs extra assistance with power switches in their vehicle.

Rotary Style Gear Selector

The Veigel Rotary Style Gear Selector can be used on either dash or center console mounted shifters. The “ship’s wheel” design allows for extra leverage for those with limited hand or finger dexterity.

Column Mount Multi-Function Turn Signal Lever

Our Column Mount Multi-Function Turn Signal Lever mounts to the trim cover of the steering column with loose fit on the turn signal stalk. This new mounting system ensures that it can be installed without issue on absolutely any vehicle and there is no longer any risk of accidentally activating turn signals due to bumps or pot holes. By adding a second pivot point at the steering column we have increased the functionality by allowing the driver to access OEM features available when pushing forward and back on the turn signal lever.          

Crossover Turn Signal Lever

Our Crossover Turn Signal Lever is lightweight and makes operating turn signals much easier. It mounts to stalk of turn signal lever using bands, not screws.

Drop Style Turn Signal Lever

Our Drop Style Turn Signal Lever allows drivers to activate turn signals while using a left hand control without removing their hand from hand control. It mounts to stalk of turn signal lever using bands, not screws.

Button Style Gear Shift Lever w/ V-Grip

Our Button Style Gear Shift Lever is designed to push the side or front button in and shift in one easy motion – giving better leverage.

Gated Gear Shift Lever

Both the vertical and horizontal gear shift extensions are designed for newer vehicles with a gated gear shifter. With gated shifters, there are no buttons, allowing for better leverage and smooth shifting. Can be used on dash or console mounted shifters.

T-Handle Style Gear Shift

Our T-Handle Style Gear Shift extension enables the driver to push in the gear shift button and move the gear shift lever in one easy motion.

Hand Style Park Brake

Our Hand Style Park Brake extension enables the driver to push in the parking brake button and move the parking brake lever in one easy motion.

Floor Style Park Brake

Our Floor Style Park Brake extension is sturdy and easy to reach. This 14 inch extension makes setting the parking brake a simple task. Adjusts easily for a variety of vehicles.

Key Extension

Our Key Extensions provide additional leverage when starting your vehicle. We offer powder-coated discs that can accommodate different sizes and types of keys. Fully adjustable – may be locked in position. Can be use anywhere you would use a key; vehicle, home, work, Post Office, etc.