eConnect Hand Controls

The eConnect hand control sets the standard for maximum leg room, safety and style. Available as either a Push-Pull, Push Right Angle or Push Rock, the new Veigel eConnect hand control is much easier to use than traditional mechanical systems thanks to its cutting edge electronic acceleration which allows you to experience your vehicle in a completely new way. As with all of the our hand controls the eConnect can be configured in many ways to suit your individual needs. For the eConnects we offer several handle options. 

Please see below for a chart of all vehicles that are compatible with our eConnect hand controls. If your vehicle is not on the list, please reach out to us directly to confirm compatibility:

The Veigel eConnect is available in Push Pull, Push Right Angle and Push Rock configurations. Braking remains mechanical, but acceleration is now fully electronic. Eliminating the gas rod means there is no longer any obstruction for the right knee or leg. The thin profile allows the control to be installed closer to the steering column for increased legroom.

A stylish cover helps integrate the adaptive device into the vehicles interior and provides an increased level of safety by protecting knees and legs from exposed parts. To increase safety and reduce the risk of an untrained driver using the hand control, we added a button switch to turn the control on. Simply start the vehicle, press the button three times and the indicator light shows when the control is active.  Once the light is solid, the hand control is engaged and the factory foot pedal is non-operational.

Turning off the vehicle automatically restores the accelerator control back to the factory foot pedal. By always defaulting to the factory pedal, we are preventing use by untrained or unintended drivers like valet’s, service technicians and others. All Veigel hand controls exceed SAE J1903 testing standards

  • Acceleration is 100% electronic
  • More knee and leg room
  • Low profile design
  • Stylish trim cover for better integration into vehicles interior
  • Unique button switch activates system – renders OEM pedal non-functional
  • Automatically reverts to factory OEM pedal when vehicle is turned off
  • Pre-programmed accelerator sensor
  • Pedal adapter harness specific to each vehicle
  • Military grade accelerator sensor – unaffected by heat, cold or humidity
  • Tested to SAE J1903 standards