Car adaptations for disabled drivers with reduced upper body mobility

9. February 2022 :

If you struggle or have reduced mobility with your upper body whilst driving, then there are a range of car adaptations for disabled drivers that can be fitted to help you. Or if you’re under the impression that you can’t drive because of an upper body disability, don’t be.

We want to share with you the most popular car adaptations for disabled drivers with reduced upper body mobility that help to alleviate pain and create a more comfortable and safe driving experience.

Steering Aids

adaptations for reduced upper body mobility

Steering aids are a very popular driving control to help assist drivers with limited hand movement or arm strength by reducing the force required to steer.

There are different variations of steering aids with slightly different grip, but essentially the adaptation spins around, allowing the user to rotate the steering wheel using just one arm rather than having two hands gripping the wheel.

We have a wide selection of steering controls in our range including but not limited to; knob grips, single pin grip, palm grips and tri-pin grips. The right one for you will depend on your individual requirements and level of mobility/dexterity.  

Find more detailed information about our range of steering aids available.

Multi-function secondary controls

veigel my command mobility innovations

Secondary Controls allow drivers with limited mobility to operate a range of vehicle functions such as the windshield wipers, turn signals, horn, and headlights all from one device. This is particularly beneficial for drivers using hand controls to operate the accelerator and brake as well as the steering as it can be dangerous to release those controls to operate secondary functions.

Drivers with limited arm strength / mobility can also benefit from secondary controls as it can often be quite difficult or painful when reaching to operate those functions.

Take a look at our Veigel MyCommand in our steering aids range for more information.

Extension controls

veigel seat belt extender

Like mentioned above, drivers with reduced mobility or strength can often struggle with operating certain controls within their vehicle. Vehicle extension controls will bring your main vehicle controls closer which will then allow for easier, safer and more comfortable operation of the controls.

We offer a range of extension controls to help with a variety of challenges such as, finding it difficult to reach your indicators, struggling to grip and operate power window switches, unable to reach and grip your seat belt buckle and more.

View our complete range of extension controls.

Our team are on hand to help with any questions you may have on our car adaptations for disabled drivers. Get in touch with us today to enjoy a more comfortable driving experience with our vehicle adaptations for disabled drivers.

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