The Milford Person Lift vs Wheelchair Accessible Vans

10. February 2022 :

Many people think that when requiring a vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair user, their only option is a costly Wheelchair Accessible Van.

milford person lift
wheelchair accessible van

Our Milford Person Lift is an ideal alternative solution as it allows for easy and comfortable transfers from wheelchair into a car seat and allows people to retain their current vehicle whilst enjoying a range of extra benefits.

Here we have outlined the key differences between each option so you can choose the right solution for you.

1/ Cost Effective

A brand-new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle with modifications can cost in excess of $30,000 which can cause a lot of financial stress. Whereas the Milford Person Lift only costs around $5000 fully fitted.

2/ Increased Safety

Posture & Mobility Group have put together International Best Practice Guidelines on how a wheelchair user should travel in a vehicle. They recommend that where possible a wheelchair user should transfer from their vehicle to the standard car seat as the safest way to travel. (page 8 refers)

With the Milford Person Lift, the wheelchair user can take full advantage of the standard vehicle safety systems such as locking seatbelts, air bags and supportive seats. In a Wheelchair Accessible Van, the restraints and modifications provide the only safety.

3/Comfortable & Sociable Journeys

The Milford Person Lift allows the wheelchair user to sit up front with travelling companions which provides a more sociable and enjoyable journey as well as being able to enjoy all the usual vehicle luxuries such as air conditioning and heated seats!

However, when travelling in a Wheelchair Accessible Van, it can be quite isolating as the wheelchair user often has to sit alone in the rear.

4/Discreet Solution

Thanks to the clever design of the Milford Person Lift, it provides a subtle and discreet solution which many people appreciate unlike Wheelchair Accessible Vans.

5/ Your Choice of Vehicle

The Milford Person Lift can be fitted into virtually any make and model which means you won’t need to swap your current vehicle or buy a new one. Unfortunately, the options for converted vans are very limited and may not meet all your other wants and needs.

6/ Transferable

When the time does come to change your vehicle, the Person Lift can easily be swapped over. Whereas if you want a new converted vehicle you will need to buy the Wheelchair Accessible Vans and all the modifications again.

If you would like any more information about our Milford Person Lift and would like to try it out to decide if it’s the right solution for you, simply contact us or call us on 800 488 7688.

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