Choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle

17. March 2022 :

When it comes to choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle if you’re a mobility device user or you regularly transport someone who is, there are several features and adaptations you need to consider to ensure a vehicle will suit your needs.

Getting seated into a car from a wheelchair

Arguably the most important thing you need to look at when buying a new vehicle is how accessible it is for getting in and out of. For many wheelchair or mobility scooter users, getting seated can be a huge struggle so it’s important to identify if you need any adaptations to assist with transferring into the vehicle.

At Mobility Innovations we offer a person lift solution so whether you want to get behind the wheel as a driver or travel as a passenger, our Milford Person Lift will transfer you from a wheelchair into a car seat by gently lifting you up in a comfortable sling and lower you into place.

Or if you only require that extra bit of assistance and support to move safely into your car seat, we offer a range of wheelchair transfer boards that provide a stable platform on which to pause before settling into the car seat properly.

Wheelchair lifts and mobility scooter lifts

mobility scooter lift mobility innovations

Then you’ll need to consider if you require any aids to help you lift a wheelchair or lift a mobility scooter into your car. In most instances, because these mobility devices are heavy duty, it’s beneficial to have a lift system installed.

Our Smart Lifter range of wheelchair lifts and mobility scooter lifts makes light work of lifting & loading mobility scooters, wheelchairs or powerchairs to and from the trunk of a car – all at the touch of a button.

We can fit our wheelchair lifts and mobility scooter lifts into over 450 vehicles which means your search for a new wheelchair accessible vehicle is not limited. You can find more detailed information about our Smart Lifter range here.

Make a list of all other requirements

Now you can put together another list of the different requirements you want from a mobility accessible vehicle. This can be anything from the type of engine fuel you’d prefer, to deciding if you require a 4-wheel drive.

Having this list of minimum requirements will help you narrow down your choice of potential wheelchair accessible vehicles and choose the right car that will suit your needs.

Make the most of a test drive

Whether or not you’re going to be driving the car yourself, it’s important to check how the car will fit into your lifestyle. It may seem perfect on paper but it’s crucial to ensure that it practically suits your needs.

Are the seats comfortable? Has it got enough space? These are the sort of things you’ll want to look out for when you’re out on your test drive.

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