Adaptive Hand Controls For Driving

7. July 2022 :

Are you learning to drive with adaptive hand controls for driving? But struggling to get comfortable with them?  We understand that the process of learning to drive with adaptive equipment can often be quite challenging which is why we believe the equipment itself should be as simple to use as possible.

Our range of adaptive driving equipment hand controls are designed specifically for simple and reliable operation which makes learning to drive with them far easier and quicker than others.

mobility innovations veigel compact II

Don’t just take our word for it, see what James Kesler, an evaluator from Toledo, Oh had to say…

“I recently worked with an individual that was referred to evaluate for portable hand controls for driving. The individual was involved in a car accident at age 2 ½ which left them with a spinal cord injury, tetraplegic. They were beginning to learn to drive using portable hand controls for cars and reported having difficulty. I completed an evaluation and recommended training using Veigel Compact II hand control as they were using the portable hand controls in their right hand, and a spinner knob placed at around 10:00. The individual could access most secondary controls, however demonstrated difficulty actuating wipers which were mounted on the right side of their steering column. The Veigel MyCommand in our steering aids range was fitted allowing access to turn signals, horn, wiper/wash, as well as lights/high beam. The individual could access all these functions with their right hand while operating the adaptive hand controls for driving”.

“The individual completed training at University of Toledo Medical Center and had their Honda Accord Coup outfitted with the above stated controls. They finished training with their parents and recently completed the Ohio driving test and received their driver’s license. The individual and family stated that the adaptive hand controls installed were easier to operate than portable hand controls and the addition of secondary functions mounted on the hand control was much safer and easier to access compared to not having the modification”.

Speak with our team today to find out how you could learn to drive with our quality adaptive hand controls for driving so you can enjoy the freedom of being on the road as soon as possible.

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