Obtaining vehicle grants for disabled for veterans

9. September 2022 :

Thank you for your service

Did you know that the department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides funding for wheelchair accessible vans and adaptive equipment with vehicle grants for disabled veterans to help improve quality of life. The exact grants and benefits that are awarded will vary based on your health condition and whether you incurred the disability in line of active duty.

The two main categories are as follows:

Service-connected Disability

If you have incurred a disability that resulted from or was aggravated by an injury or illness while serving on active duty in the military.

Non-service-connected Disability

If your disability occurred outside of your time in active duty in the military.

Automobile Adaptive Equipment Program

The AAE program pays for adaptive equipment to allow veterans to safely enter, exit and operate their vehicles.

For service-connected veterans the automobile allowance for veterans program will fund a wide variety of driving equipment and modifications, including but not limited to, wheelchair lifts, hand controls. left foot gas pedals, reduced effort steering aids and digital driving systems.

For non-service-connected veterans the program will pay for equipment to assist the eligible person into and out of their vehicle. This can include modifications to help get the veteran’s personal mobility scooter or wheelchair in and out of the vehicle such as our Smart Lifter wheelchair/scooter lift, as well as modifications to physically assist the veteran entering and exiting the vehicle such as our Milford Person Lift.

Get help finding the right adaptive equipment for you

We can provide compatibility advice and help you choose the right adaptive equipment for your vehicle.

Contact us to find out more about our wheelchair and mobility scooter hoists and milford person lift available under the VA auto allowance.

Automobile Allowance Grant

For eligible service-connected veterans, the VA will also grant a one-time payment up to $22,355.72 (correct amount as of September 2022) for a specially equipped wheelchair accessible vehicle with the VA car allowance grant.

Keep in mind that this VA vehicle grants for disabled veterans can only be paid out once and the amount is paid directly to the dealer when you purchase your vehicle.

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