Smart Transfer Range

by Autochair

Mobility Innovations VA Contract

The Smart Transfer Milford Person Lift is the ideal solution for safe and accessible transfers from wheelchair to vehicle.

Many just rely on the physical strength of a partner, family member or carer to lift and transfer them. This can often be quite a stressful or exhausting ordeal where you may sometimes feel like a burden. Why put up with the fuss or risk the personal injury when our smart transfer range alleviates the physical strain required and does all the hard work for you?

Whether you want to get behind the wheel as a driver or travel as a passenger, The Milford Person Lift will transfer you from a wheelchair into a car seat by gently lifting you up in a comfortable sling and lower you into place.

The Milford Person Lift

Mobility Innovations VA Contract

The Milford Person Lift is strong, lightweight and versatile, making it ideal for accommodating different needs and situations. For customers who find it impossible or uncomfortable to use a swivel seat or transfer plate, the Milford Person Lift is a perfect solution. With a variety of sling types and sizes available, the Milford is sure to help you make easy, comfortable transfers.

Our person lift transfers you from your wheelchair and into your car seat by gently lifting you up using a comfortable sling and lowering you into position. The biggest benefit of our person lift is that it can be fitted into a wide range of vehicles, either the driver’s seat or front passenger seat. So, this means you will not need to swap your current vehicle or buy a new one!

Because our person hoist gives you the option to sit in front it ultimately provides a more comfortable and sociable journey which makes getting out of the house a more enjoyable experience.

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Extend the usefulness of your Milford Person Lift as a vehicle transfer solution with the SmartBase. It provides a solid, stable and mobile platform for lifting someone from a sitting position to wherever you need it. So, you can enjoy mobility everywhere you travel. Simply transfer the Milford Person Lift from your vehicle to the Milford SmartBase unit and create the perfect mobile lifting solution.

Highly adjustable, superbly maneuverable and supplied with a rechargeable battery unit, our portable SmartBase enables you to use the person lift to transfer from one seated position to another; wheelchair to armchair, toilet, bed, etc. at home, in the office or even in a hotel. 

We also offer a practical optional extra; the wall bracket, ideal for use in the bathroom or stair landings.

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Wall Bracket

The Milford Wall Bracket is a great solution to transfer you from a wheelchair to areas in the home where space is limited, such as a small bathroom or stair landing.

The Wall Bracket securely attaches to a load-bearing wall and even allows the Milford Person Lift to work around corners. The compact design also ensures that it is neatly out of the way when not in use.

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