mConnect Push Pull

The mConnect – Push Pull sets a new standard on the market of mechanical left hand controls. It enables the driver to simultaneously operate the steering wheel and the accelerator. Our hand controls stand for functionality, driving pleasure and durability.

The mConnect Push Pull hand control offers convenient adjustment of brake and gas leverage. As with all of the our hand controls the Push Pull can be configured in many ways to suit your individual needs.  The list below provides an overview of the configuration options.

V-360 Grip

The V-360 Grip has a comfortable tear drop shape with a vertical handle that is designed to fit in the palm of the hand. Its ergonomic handle shape and ability to rotate 360 degrees, prevent hand and wrist fatigue. The soft rubber material does not retain heat in the summer or get cold in the winter.

Basic Vertical Grip

The Basic Vertical Grip is the standard grip used with the mConnect Push Pull. Although it is also shaped like the the V-360 grip, it does not rotate when in use. Its material provides a softer feel for sensitive hands.


  • Smoothest mechanical hand control in the market
  • Ergonomic – Individual gas handle adjustment
  • Slim design for more legroom
  • More comfortable driving – Hand position closer to the steering wheel while driving
  • Three different grip configurations: V-360 grip w/ 360 degree rotation, basic vertical grip and premium grip w/ functions
  • Suitable for all vehicle types