Seat Buckle Assist Device

The JIMMY by Veigel is a seat buckle assist device designed to aid drivers & passengers with buckling and unbuckling the seat belt buckle in an automobile.  The JIMMY’s ergonomic design is light weight and easy to use.

Buckling: The ergonomic joystick grip gives you more control to easily engage the buckle.

Unbuckling: Simply pull back on The Jimmy lever while pressing the release button to effortlessly disengage the buckle.

Safety: Pulling back on the lever alone will not disengage the buckle. The release button has been designed to prevent unintended disengagement of the buckle.


  • Light weight ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Safety release button prevents unintended disengagement of the buckle
  • Vehicle specific mounting brackets ensure a safe fit and no damage to your automobile safety belt buckle


  • Specific applications available to fit most vehicles


  • Installation is quick and easy – within minutes
  • Simply clamp the vehicle specific side brackets to the male side of the buckle
  • Installation is non-destructive
  • Can be removed without damage to the factory belt buckle

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